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Inside Lifeline New York’s Annual Benefit Luncheon

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The fashion crowd was ready at noon on Monday for Lifeline New York's annual benefit luncheon at the fine dining Italian restaurant Il Gattopardo restaurant in Midtown.

This restaurant is a style scene favorite—just steps away from the Museum of Modern Art—and was where Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia hosted the fundraising lunch to aid children's hospitals in Serbia.

“We know how we feel about giving life to those who feel they have been forgotten,” said Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia.

“We would never allow the children and the people of Serbia to feel they don’t have the opportunity of what they should, and deserve having,” she said. “The world, at the moment, is very difficult, its hard to know how to help, and who to help—we first started helping the children’s hospitals 30 years ago in Serbia. This is what we want to do because we believe in the joy of giving.”

The Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia shared a story of growing up, looking back on a moment where her mother told her what she expected from her, when she was to grow up. “My mother said only one thing, ‘I want you to be a good example in life, we don’t have enough good examples,’” she recalled.

“I’m grateful that both my parents taught me the joy of giving.”

Her speech was followed by a performance by singer Gwyneth Giangrande alongside pianist Nick Guerrero.

The fashion scene in attendance included socialite Jean Shafiroff, fashion influencer Katya Tolstova, Serbian TV personality Tijana Ibrahimovic, Marc Rosen, Italian model and actress Eleonora Pieroni, fashion designer Nicole Miller, fashion blogger Olga Ferrara, fashion editor Rushka Bergman, and Marabelle Lieberman.

“We need to make a difference in this world because we have a responsibility, not just for ourselves, but for others, too,” said the Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia.

Notable attendees included Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia, Thomson Reuters editor Greg Roumeliotis, Jack Hartnett, EF Hutton CEO Joseph T. Rallo, Cornelia Sharpe, David Hryck of Duane Morris LLP, entrepreneur Cheri Kaufman, Catherine Broadbent and Peter Pizzino, Jonathan LeWinter, Robert Wayne, and many others.

The auction included fashionable items like a Linda Richards Ostrich Boleroa bottle of perfume from upscale fragrance brand Shalini, and jewelry from British designer Ann Dexter-Jones.

“We can enjoy life, but you can’t enjoy life knowing people are suffering and one hasn’t done anything to make a difference,” she adds.

“We are doing our best, we have to, they are waiting.”

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