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The Beauty Guide: How To Get The Sparkly Eye Look For The Party Season

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The party season is fast approaching, and that means sparkles galore. And right on cue, Bobbi Brown Pro Artist Hollie Ellis has got the assignment as she shares her step-by-step guide to achieving the sparkly eye and glowing skin look at home. Just add a festive party.

Step 1: Prepare your skin with a good primer before applying makeup. The Vitamin Enriched Face Base is a Shea Butter formula that creates a smooth buttery canvas ready for makeup. Take a pea-sized amount and massage all over the face and neck.

Step 2: Using the Full Coverage Face Brush, apply the Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF40 in Beige in stippling motions into the skin. Apply where you need coverage the most and then anywhere else, blend and buff out. This ensures the product is buffed in but also gives beautiful coverage. This foundation is infused with a serum, offering a gorgeous glow to the skin.

Step 3: To keep the under eye looking bright and fresh, apply the Skin Full Cover Concealer in Cool Sand from the inner corner to the outer corner of the under eyes in dotting motions. You can apply it to any blemishes, redness, or pigmentation. With the Full Coverage Touch Up Brush, press and push the product into the skin for the best finish. The Skin Full Cover Concealer is 16 hours wear, full coverage, and silky and has hyaluronic acid to give immediate moisture.

Step 4: To add warmth and definition to the skin, apply the Bronzing Powder in Deep from the top to the bottom of the face in the shape of the number 3. This bronzing powder is matte and silky, giving a more sun-kissed look to the skin. Don't forget your neck and ears if you wear your hair back!

Step 5: Cream Blush is the ultimate pick-me-up product for healthier-looking skin. I love to use the Pot Rouge in Pale Pink; it's beautiful on all skin tones and adds instant brightness. Press and push your fingertips from the apple of the cheeks to the temples for lift and structure.

Step 6: Framing the face with the Natural Brow Shaper in Mahogany. This product is the perfect formula for anyone who wants quick and easy. It's also waterproof, so you know that the hair won't go anywhere. Brush the brow hairs upwards to create fluffy, natural-looking brows.

Step 7: Beginning the sparkling eyes look with a base first. I love to use the Long-Wear Cream Shadow Sticks; I've used the shade Shell. This formula is up to 24 hours wear, crease-proof, and provides the best pigment payoff for any powder shadows you place on top. Apply straight from the bullet onto the eyelids and blend with fingers right up to the brow bone.

Step 8: Using the new Incandescent Luxe Eye & Cheek Palette from the Bobbi Brown Christmas Collection, start by sweeping the shade Rose Flush into the crease with the Eye Blender Brush.

Step 9: With the same brush, sweep the shade Petal Plush from the Incandescent Luxe Eye & Cheek Palette and apply from the outer crease towards the center for extra warmth.

Step 10: Press the shade Melting Point from the Incandescent Luxe Eye & Cheek Palette with your fingers and press onto the eyelids only to give luminosity and help to brighten the eyes.

Step 11: Press Moonstone from the Incandescent Luxe Eye & Cheek Palette again with your fingers and press on top of Melting Point. This shade is sparkle only and will take that eye from coffee to cocktails.

Step 12: Line your eyes using the Perfectly Defined Gel Eyeliner in Pitch Black. I love to tightline first; to achieve this, press and push the formula underneath the top lashes. Wiggle and press as if you're trying to connect each lash-up. Then apply along the top of the lash line. This formula is gel based and is super easy to blend.

Step 13: Using the shade Mulberry from the Incandescent Luxe Eye & Cheek Palette, press and buff the edges of the eyeliner with the Smokey Eyeliner Brush. This will create a smokey eyeliner instead of a defined one, which is much softer for any eye look. Also, take press this shade underneath the bottom lashes for soft definition.

Step 14: Apply lashings of Smokey Eye Mascara to finish your eye look. I love to take the wand right into the roots of the lashes and wiggle from root to tip. This gives volume and lift, and this mascara is fantastic for layering, which never clumps.

Step 15: For extra glow to the skin, sweep the shade Incandescent Glow from the Incandescent Luxe Eye & Cheek Palette with the Sheer Powder Brush and apply from the top of the cheeks towards the temples.

Step 16: For any of you who love a dewy look, take the shade Honey Light from the Incandescent Luxe Eye & Cheek Palette with the Eye Blender Brush and apply it onto the high points of the face, including the top of the cheeks, brow bones, bridge of the nose, tip of the nose and the Cupid's bow.

Step 17: To finish the look, define your lips with the Cocoa Lip Pencil. Follow the edge of your lips. A top tip to help keep your lipstick stay on for longer is to fill in your lips with the lip pencil, as it acts as a primer.

Step 18: Press Pale Mauve Luxe Lip Color into the center of the lips for a fuller, plumper look. This lipstick is skincare infused and holds up to 10 hours of wear.

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